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At our goal is to present the most up to date list of the best binary options brokers. As you probably know, there are tens or even hundreds of binary brokers on the internet, so choosing the right one can be very confusing. This is why we come up with a selected top of only five brokers. We think five is enough to give you a diversified range of brokers to choose from but at the same time it's a small enough list to comprise only the very best and most reliable providers on the market. We do our best to keep our list updated so as soon as we think a company is not among the best anymore or if we consider a new one deserves a top spot we will immediately update our ranking to reflect the most accurate picture in our opinion.


Our picks

Check below our top picks. All of them are top notch providers with outstanding reputation.
Min Deposit
top binary options broker
Stock Pair
200 $ / €
best binary brokers
U Binary
250 $ / €
best binary options broker
Trade Rush
200 $ / €
best options broker
Banc de Binary
250 $ / €
top binary broker
Red Wood
200 $ / €

Some things to consider

If you consider trying binary options for the first time there are a few things to be aware of:

1) Most brokers have a minimum deposit of 200 USD (or other major currencies like the Euro or the British Pound). There are brokers who may require higher first time deposits of $500 or even $1,000 and you can also find brokers accepting smaller deposits of only $100, but they are very few.


2) All brokers offer the most popular assets: currencies (also known as forex pairs), major stocks (the likes of Google, Apple, Microsoft or Exxon Mobile), metals and commodities (gold, silver, sugar, oil, coffee or corn) and stock indices (the Dow, Nasdaq, FTSE and more). However, the asset offer differs from one provider to another when it comes to more exotic pairs or less popular stocks and commodities.


3) Payouts are usually at the same levels but not always the same. Some brokers offer higher payout rates than others while some prefer to give lower payouts for winning trades but refund up to 10% on losing positions. A wise thing would be to register accounts with two or three brokers and trade each asset with the broker giving better payouts for that particular equity. For example you may find an 85% payout for Apple and 80% payout for Gold at one provider, while another gives 80% for Apple and 85% for gold. Why not take advantage of the best of both worlds?


4) It is always a good idea to diversify. Never put all your eggs in a single nest. One trade should never exceed 10% of your bankroll no matter how predictable the outcome of the trade might look like. You should also consider spreading your bankroll among several brokers if you have a bigger amount to invest. Why keep $2,000 with a single broker when you can have $500 at four different providers? You will be able to take advantages of all the benefits they offer including higher payouts, bonuses, asset diversity, different trading platforms and special options.


5) Trading binary options should be fun. Don't trade for the sake of it, or with the only purpose of winning money. Enjoy the ride and even when you lose see the bright side of the picture: you had some fun! Never trade if you are stressed, nervous or tired. Binary options trading can be extremely enjoyable if you do it the right way. Short term options like the famous "60 seconds" can be used to increase the fun when with friends, just like betting on stuff. If somehow your trading session becomes frustrating because of some unlucky runs, you should take a break and resume when you are in a better mood.


6) Don't use your retirement money for binary options trading. This kind of trading is not a long term investment and shouldn't be treated like one. What you put in is at risk. Trading binaries has nothing in common with savings, retirement accounts, wealth appreciation or investments in general. If you want to invest high amounts of money you should seek the council of a professional money manager or financial advisor.

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Please be aware that trading binaries can result in the loss of the entire investment. These types of options are derivative instruments usually used by experienced traders to hedge against market risks or to make big profits in a short amount of time. This means there are several risks associated and caution is highly recommended. Binary trading is used for speculative purposes and cannot be considered a medium or long term investment. You should assume the risks before proceeding.
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